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Sometimes walking around the lawns with our dog we can happen to see him stop to eat grass, this should not shock or scare us.

Is it okay for some dogs to eat grass to be enjoyable and usual?

Today we will try to understand the reason for this action.

As already mentioned in other articles, the dog derives directly from the wolf and with domestication has over time changed its diet from carnivorous to almost omnivorous, attention “almost omnivorous”, it does not mean that it can eat everything that we humans eat, therefore to keep the dog in good health it is always better to feed him a good dry dog ​​food , balanced and that provides all the right nutrients and mineral salts.

Why does the dog sometimes look more like a goat than a wolf despite proper nutrition?

In general, as we said at the beginning of this article, this habit should not worry us, except when it becomes excessive. So yes, at this point it could create problems.

There are many opinions on why the dog eats grass, some say that it does so when its diet is low in nutrients, this is a thesis, but it is equally true that this action is also performed by dogs that while following a correct diet food, do not disdain to eat grass.

The most plausible is that dogs like to eat grass , but as you may have noticed, not all of them, but some stems in particular, often the longer and greener ones, because they choose one and not the other is to be linked to their actions. instinctive.

Very often it happens that after eating, the dog resumes walking or playing happier than before

What if your dog vomits after ingesting grass?

also in this case we do not have to worry particularly, because the reasons could be the following:

  • The grass in the first digestive tract may have prompted vomiting;
  • It may have been the dog who deliberately ingested the grass to induce vomiting, often to get rid of something that was bothering him in his stomach.

Cats do this by continually eating catnip which helps them get rid of something they can’t digest, in the wild, they may need to throw up the non-digestible parts of what they’ve eaten, such as bird feathers and feathers. or the hair of a mouse, in domestic cats often the need to vomit is given by the accumulation of its hair in the stomach.

So if it’s natural for us to see a cat throw up after eating grass, we don’t have to worry if a dog does too.

What if the dog vomits several times after eating grass?

If the dog eats the grass quickly, makes a little vomit and then resumes playing without problems, when it comes home it has no aftermath and when it’s time to eat it has no problems, then we don’t have to worry.

On the other hand, a warning sign that something is wrong may be that the dog repeatedly eats grass stimulating vomiting and that these retches continue even at home and the dog vomits only grass and gastric juices.

, Why does the dog eat grass?, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

In this case it could be simply hyperacidity gastritis or the consequence of a wrong diet, or there could be more serious problems, in any case, as we always tell you, the best thing to do is to consult your trusted veterinarian immediately.

Pay attention to the grass your dog eats

Always check that the lawn where you take the dog to play has not been treated with chemical fertilizers and / or fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, as they are toxic and in some cases deadly for the dog.

As usual, these are only suggestions that do not intend to take the place of the opinion of the veterinarian who must always and under all circumstances be consulted before making any decision regarding the nutrition and health of your pet.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl