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That the cat (Felis silvestris) is to all intents and purposes a pet to date are not many to affirm it, either because of the feeling of autonomy it transmits, or because it is a shy and reserved animal, to the point that behind its figure there is hides an aura of mystery and superstition. Man has always tried to approach and tame the cat, the ancient Egyptians venerated it and considered it sacred and almost in the same historical period (there are relative testimonies about 5,300 years ago) in China a first phase of domestication began.

, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

The cat, unlike the dog, is less direct in relations with human beings and by its nature it is an independent animal (even if it never tries to be alone, in fact it forms colonies in the wild, sometimes even numerous and in captivity it seems become attached to the house in which he lives) to the point that he seems to do what he wants and, consequently, his behavior is misunderstood.

In this regard, if we have to explain the (often negative) characteristics of a person, we often compare them to a cat. How many times have we heard or said to ourselves: “You are opportunistic like a cat; Whatever he does, he always falls on his feet like a cat; You are someone who changes attitude overnight, just like the cat who licks today and scratches tomorrow; You never respect the rules, just like cats do; You bring bad luck like a black cat ”.

The behaviors and attitudes of a cat are difficult for us humans to understand and we often misunderstand them, an example above all is when it does not use the litter box to make its needs. Many of us would be led to think that he is spying on us or punishing us for something we have done. Nothing could be more wrong, because the cat does not hold a grudge like humans and for him his excrement is not unpleasant. The reasons are different and the causes are to be found elsewhere.

So let’s see together what they can be:

, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • Cleaning the litter box: the cat litter tray and litter box should be cleaned as much as possible, every two or three days you must remove the droppings and urine lumps and integrate it with new clean litter.
, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • The position of the tub: for furnishing reasons you have moved his tub and put it in an uninviting place for him. The ideal location is in an intimate and quiet place, but not too far from the most frequented places in the house, above all sheltered from drafts of cold air and which gives the cat the feeling of being able to control the whole surrounding area, therefore not in the corner of a room.
, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • Too much perfume, repels the cat: Since you do not want to clean its litter tray every 2 days, but once a week, you have decided to use products that perfume the litter box. The domestic cat is very sensitive to strong smells so he may decide not to use his toilet bowl anymore. Even when cleaning the tray, avoid using perfumed products, preferring sanitizing products with a neutral scent.
, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • A bad experience: a sudden noise, a scream made to your children, giving him medicine or touching him while he is doing his needs can be bad experiences that lead the cat not to use his tray anymore. One solution could be to move it to another quiet area of ​​the house.

As you can see, the causes can be innumerable and it is up to you to pay more attention to the cat at home and ask yourself if anything has changed in recent times that may have induced your pet to change its habits.

If after making the necessary changes, the behavior should continue over time, as always, the advice we give you, is not to underestimate it and to consult the veterinarian quickly, because there could be health problems.

Final Tips:

, Why does the cat pee out of its tub, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • The ideal size of the litter box should be at least double that of the cat.
  • The sand layer must be at least 4 inches high.
  • If you have more than one cat, we advise you to take a litter box for each animal, in fact the cat can do the needs outside the tray to mark its territory.

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