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With the arrival of the first autumn rains and the colder and more humid climate, when I return home with my dog ​​I immediately realize that the smell it emanates is not very pleasant.

Dogs are not all the same and even their smell differs depending on the breed, some are almost odorless such as poodles, Maltese and bichon frisé, while others like hunting dogs and cold climates, such as Labrador, Newfoundland, Siberian Husky. they have  particularly oily skin , which protects them when they are in the water, but without regular hygiene, it makes them smell terribly.

Every dog, as we know, has its own body odor that no bathroom will ever remove, indeed it should never. But it is clear that a healthy and clean dog allows an easier and more pleasant coexistence.

In the case of a smell that borders on a real stink, despite the hygiene of which the dog is subject, we are faced with a signal that indicates that something is probably wrong. At this point it is advisable to make a thorough visit by the veterinarian who will investigate the presence of any ailments or diseases.

Simple steps to minimize dog odor in the house : 

  • ventilating the house several times a day allows for a  change of air  which contributes to a healthier environment;
  • pay particular attention to the cleanliness and healthiness of your friend’s favorite places: the kennel, the carpet, or the sofa, which should be protected by easily washable sheets and which we advise you to change often. TO
  • check that the corner of the “baby food” is always rigorously clean, especially by frequently washing its bowls.

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But why does the dog’s smell sharpen when the coat is wet?

Upon returning from a walk in the rain, the smell of our four-legged friend is very intense because fungi and bacteria proliferate in his undercoat that thrive in the sebum produced by his skin. With dry fur, it is almost imperceptible, but when the dog gets wet, the water breaks the bonds that hold these microscopic particles together, and the volatile compounds are released into the air and unfortunately reach our nostrils. Often it is not even necessary for the dog to get wet, even just a wetter day is enough to make him stink: as the water evaporates, the humidity around the dog’s body increases and the air becomes saturated with “stinking” molecules.

Does this also happen after a bath at home?

No, as long as our dog is dried well, possibly with a hairdryer, because a towel is not enough to remove moisture. It is better not to use sprays and deodorants, they usually annoy him and in addition they mask the smell but do nothing to eliminate it.

Brushing remains an essential act against  dog bad smell:  make sure it is frequent, at least once or twice a week, depending on whether the  hair is long or short .

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What if the annoying smell doesn’t come from his fur?

It could also depend on his breath, in this case it is advisable to visit the veterinarian who will check if the cause is a dental or gum disease, or he may decide to deepen the analysis to avoid the presence of other pathologies. In fact, it could be about  eating disorders such  as allergies, intolerances to certain foods or the low quality of the food itself.

As always, this article is intended to be of a popular nature only, but it cannot and does not want to replace the opinion and judgment of a veterinarian, to whom reference must always and in any case be made.