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Tips for a peaceful trip

Man, dog, cat, each of us has his own character, his way of reacting to external stimuli and has had positive and negative experiences that have led him to be what he is.

While traveling we may have to deal with a problematic cat or dog or with an animal that has absolutely no problems in traveling by car, or in a carrier on a train and in a cage on an airplane or ship, in any case it is worth considering some things.

In this pill we point out some precautions to take into consideration in order to face a peaceful journey with your pet.

– before embarking on a transfer and in particular if it is of long duration, it is always a good idea to gradually accustom the animal to travel with you.

– Always keep water, dry food and related bowls close at hand.

– If you are traveling by car, apply sun blinds to the windows so that your friend stays in the shade while on the move.

– Dogs traveling by car need to stretch their paws and drink at least every two to three hours. Plan for frequent stops, they will be useful for your pet but also for you and those traveling with you. For cats on the go, the same recommendation applies, so don’t forget that they need to drink too.

– If your pet suffers from motion sickness, seasickness or air sickness, ask your veterinarian for advice, who will be able to prescribe the medication suited to its specific needs.

– For the most anxious cats it is possible to make moving less traumatic, using a pheromone spray that sprayed directly into the carrier will reassure them.

– If you travel by car, never leave your friend locked inside, in fact the internal temperature in summer can reach 70 ° even with the window down a little and even if you have parked in the shade (the sun changes position quickly!); as well as in winter with particularly cold temperatures your pet would risk frostbite.

– Do not let your dog stick his head out of the window during the trip, he could catch air and risk earaches and otitis.

– If you travel by train, avoid particularly crowded compartments that could make your friend nervous.

– If you are traveling by ferry and your four-legged dog will have to travel in the kennel on board, visit him often to reassure him and keep him company.

– If you are traveling by train or plane, cover your friend’s carrier with a cloth in order
to minimize the agitation resulting from excessive stimuli.

– It is possible to take your pet on the flight with you, in fact many airlines accept pets on board.
If the furry dog ​​is a very small dog, a cat or another small pet (the weight accepted by the airlines varies between 6-8-10 kg.), He can travel with you in the cabin, naturally enclosed in a pet carrier. soft or semi-rigid.
Air transport is more complicated for medium-small, medium and large dogs, which have to travel in the hold.

– In any case, before booking a trip by ship, train or plane, consult the website of the company you wish to travel with and check if they accept animals on board and what the travel conditions are.