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During the winter season our furry friends need special attention, they must in fact strengthen the defenses , hair and subcutaneous fat layer.

First of all, it must be taken into account that the diet cannot be the same as in the summer season. As soon as the temperatures drop  , our pets’ appetite increases , it is not gluttony, but a completely normal behavior dictated by their body’s need to burn more energy to warm up. 

To make sure you choose an  optimal winter diet for dogs and cats , you need to be careful about the caloric and nutritional composition of their food.

Our feeds are specially designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats.

, The winter diet of dogs and cats, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Winter dog diet

 In the winter season our pets have a higher energy consumption and consequently need a higher calorie intake than in the summer season, especially if our dog goes out only for the daily walk.  

Our friend’s hunger will also depend on whether he spends most of his time away from home, or goes out only for short walks. For dogs that spend many hours outdoors, for those who practice sports and, above all, for those who work  , it is strongly recommended to choose a food with a higher caloric intake such as Supreme Plus .  It is equally important not to leave them outside in too cold temperatures and to check that any kennels are well insulated from the cold, humidity and wind.

We must never leave our dog in the cold .

If our dog is outdoors, always check the water temperature : dogs give up drinking if it is too cold, it is therefore advisable to check that they ingest enough liquids by giving them small doses of warm water during the day.

, The winter diet of dogs and cats, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Cat winter diet

 Unlike us humans who have a very different diet between the hot season and the more rigid one, the cat’s diet cannot vary much according to the season: because   the cat is and remains a carnivore .

However, since he too could be exposed to sudden changes in temperature and in winter the possibility of being in the sun is much lower, it would be useful to increase his immune defenses in the intestine and find the right  winter diet for the cat .

Cats, during the winter season, need a higher caloric intake than in the warmer seasons , especially if they continue their long raids outside the home. For this you can slightly increase the dose of Supreme Cat food .

The diet changes depending on the subject.

The increased protein intake increases thirst, so it is important that cats can always drink at will .

In conclusion, we remind you that it is important  never to give sweets  in general and in particular  chocolate, raisins and coffee-based preparations  to our furry friends because they are  highly toxic foods , in case this happens it is necessary to consult your trusted veterinarian immediately .