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Medicine has made tremendous progress in recent decades, but the hectic pace of our days has brought with it an element we would have gladly done without: stress . Even our furry friends can suffer from it, as many scientific studies show.

So how do you know if our cat or dog is stressed?

 First of all it is necessary to recognize some behaviors that are evident signs of this state and then analyze the causes.

In the cat , for example, changes in behavior are typical, so one passes in a flash from a peaceful situation to a great agitation, or our cat is out of breath, becomes aggressive, loses its hair until it becomes apathetic.

In dogs, the signals are different, one of these is anxiety diarrhea , a study has documented a link between the brain and the intestine: the release of noradrenaline  (the hormone that determines the attack or flight response )   affects the gastrointestinal physiology causing disturbances digestive and diarrhea. Another symptom is excessive licking which often leads to wounds or abrasions, in some extreme cases the dog can suffer from real epileptic seizures.

Having identified the stressful state of our furry friends, how can we help them?

For the cat we must reflect if we have changed his routine in any way, if there have been news that somehow disturbed his daily life. A first solution could be to insert new toys, attractive elements and prepare some areas in his environment where our cat feels safe.

In the case of the dog it is necessary to understand if the state of stress leads him to be aggressive and therefore potentially “dangerous”. In this situation, it is advisable to remove him from the source of stress to ensure his safety and that of other family members. Punishing a stressed dog doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t lead to any positive results. If the cause of your stress cannot be removed, some environmental changes can be introduced to reduce its effects. There are also behavioral modification programs that help the dog to manage the state of stress, considering that even constant and regular physical activity helps our friend to find greater serenity.

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Finally, a correct and healthy diet is essential for the health of our pets, balanced foods with high quality nutritional characteristics guarantee a fundamental basis for guaranteeing them a peaceful and carefree life.

In conclusion, we remind you that it is always desirable to have an in-depth examination by your trusted veterinarian for a careful evaluation.