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In this article we want to talk about the sleep of our four-legged friends , in fact, just like we have to sleep a few hours a day, our animals also need time to devote to rest. Dog and cat have different hours of sleep; the  cat  sleeps up to  16 hours a day  while the  dog  can  sleep 10-12 .

These are indicative data that vary a lot according to the breed, the level of physical activity, the state of health, age, diet and environment: for example, Bulldogs are generally sleepyheads; Border Collies or Jack Russells are typically active breeds that engage in tiring activities and need a deeper rest to regain strength.

Resting well helps our furry friends in various ways: it increases good mood and limits anxiety; promotes the proper functioning of the body   and allows you to   recover energy .

The health of our pet, as we know, is at risk if it does not rest well. It is therefore important to avoid disturbing him while he sleeps and to create an adequate environment for rest and sleep. In the first place it is important where  his kennel is positioned , if your pet wants to be close to you even during rest, bring his bed to an area not far from you. In addition, his bed must be of such dimensions as to allow him to turn around, lie down, stretch out and, when he curls up, to feel protected.  

Each animal then has its own tastes and preferences in terms of lighting : note for example if it is looking for a place with light or if, on the contrary, it prefers darker areas, such as between sofas or under the bed. finally the sleep cycles of our friend are different from those of us humans, when he sleeps, let him do it, even if he sleeps several hours during the night and also during the day: this is what his body requires of him. Above all, don’t wake him up if you have no reason to.

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Rest is just as important as other aspects of his care: help him regain his strength in the correct way, so that you can have fun and play with him when he is awake and available. Generally speaking,  sick animals or animals with a precarious state of health tend to rest in a worse quality, but for a greater number of hours a day. Usually  the puppy sleeps more than the adult  and in growing subjects sleep is important for the correct development of the nervous system.

Pets can also suffer from sleep-related diseases , just as some diseases can undermine their health and prevent them from sleeping peacefully. Dogs and cats can suffer from narcolepsy , a neurological disorder triggered by positive emotional experiences (such as food and play). It occurs more frequently in puppies before 6 months of age and manifests itself with loss of consciousness and muscle tone; the puppy sinks into a condition that simulates the REM sleep phase. Some pets, on the other hand, may suffer from hypersomnolence, in particular the brachycephalic breeds (French and English Bulldogs, Pugs, etc.); due to the anatomical conformation of the muzzle and the airways, they can suffer from apnea situations during sleep with a sudden awakening.

It is advisable not to let the dog sleep in bed with you, in fact this can question your dominance within the pack and give him the feeling of being able to take control.
For the cat it is different; he is an independent animal and can sleep peacefully in the bed with you, giving you a relaxing effect. His purr slows his heart rate and regulates blood pressure.

Finally , a healthy and well-balanced diet significantly increases the quantity and quality of sleep, with the Nuova Fattoria croquettes your furry friend has all the necessary nutrients to be able to achieve this important goal and ensure an enviable quality of life.