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The Siamese cat is descended from  the Thai cat  and is originally  from Siam (ancient name of Thailand). In Europe it arrives only at the end of the 19th century, when the king of Siam gave two couples to the English consul. Some time later it appeared for the first time in a London exhibition.

Physical characteristics

The Siamese cat has some oriental traits, starting  with the almond-shaped cut  of its blue eyes. Legs and tail are long and thin, the head is triangular in shape. It is not large, the female weighs up to 4 kg, while the male can weigh up to 5 kg.

The coat is not long, but very close to the skin. Generally the colors of the fur of this cat range from white to cream with darker areas (the  points ) in the area of ​​the legs, tail, ears and mask.

The color of the points depends on the temperature of the environment in which the animal grew up: if it comes from a warm area, the points will be lighter, otherwise they will be particularly dark. However, there are 4 basic points: the  Seal point  is the best known and most widespread and is characterized by dark points and a light background coat. The  Chocolate Point  is cocoa colored, the  Blue point is  blue / gray and finally the  Lilac Point  has lilac / pink points. 

The Siamese is an extremely long-lived cat: the average lifespan of a specimen of this breed is  between 15 and 20 years .

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Characters _

The Siamese cat has a beautiful character , making it one of the most popular breeds. Affectionate with the family, it is a dynamic, cheerful cat who loves being in company. He develops a very strong attachment towards his human friend, with whom he wants to share every moment, whether it is for play or relaxation. He loves to play, so it’s advisable to have   active toys around the house  for your kitten to enjoy, as well as scratching trees to  climb  on. Many consider him a dog-like cat, ready to learn commands and even be led out on a leash.


As for dry food, the Siamese’s triangular head and jaw allow him to swallow the kibble whole, rather than chew them. Since dry food helps keep teeth clean and reduces plaque and tartar buildup, it’s important to select cat food of a size and shape that will encourage him to chew before swallowing. Additionally, Siamese cats have a delicate digestive system. Having a sensitive stomach, the diet to be followed should be easily digested.

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The Siamese has a nice short coat that can be groomed with a weekly brushing, using a  stainless steel comb, or a shaving glove. His nails should be checked and trimmed as needed, usually every 10-14 days, using a suitable pet nail clipper, to avoid the risk of hurting him. Finally, Siamese cats can be prone to dental problems such as periodontitis; It is advisable to brush his teeth at home daily with pet toothpaste and to periodically go to your veterinarian to ensure regular veterinary dental cleanings for your cat.