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If we have to think of the typical cat of the house, beautiful and sly, the first that comes to mind is the Persian. It is said that this splendid animal is the result of numerous selections carried out between the ancient and elegant Angora cats and the small, stocky and long-haired cats from Iran. Even some rulers were bewitched by his charm, for example Queen Victoria who wanted two blue specimens with her. There are in fact various varieties of this cat, the best known are the  white Persian, the blue Persian, the black Persian and the chinchilla Persian .

What is striking in these felines are the eyes: green, blue, orange or uneven, that is, one blue and one orange. The  legs are short and round  and the weight varies a lot according to the sex: while the female rarely reaches 4 kg, the male can even reach 7 and its  average life   is around 14-15 years, even if there are specimens in health that reach the age of 20.

Behaviorally speaking, the Persian is a calm and balanced cat. He lives well in company, but he also manages to be alone. He is not spiteful and does not cause trouble in the house. If there are other cats and dogs,  he adapts without problems .. He is also very sociable with children as long as they are gentle towards him.

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he care and grooming of the Persian require considerable attention:  it must be brushed every day with a long-handled brush  in the direction of the hair in order to eliminate dirt, knots and dead hair and to make the coat soft and shiny. It is also necessary to pay close attention to cleaning the eyes and skin folds. The Persian, having a flattened muzzle, has tear ducts that shrink easily and cause overabundant tearing: all this can cause conjunctivitis and annoying dermatitis.

Finally, the diet of the Persian must take into account how much  the breed, typically domestic,  totally depends on man and needs adequate nourishment. This breed is rather lazy, so it will be important to be vigilant about the tendency to gain weight: a healthy and balanced diet is the litmus test of the state of health of every feline. The use of dry feed, in addition to allowing the right supply of nutrients, including “taurine”, an important element for healthy and balanced growth, allows to reduce the risk of obesity and the consequent cardiovascular diseases. 

In conclusion, coexistence with our cat will certainly be pleasant and mutually satisfying, bearing in mind only a few common sense elements, with the usual recommendation to never skimp on a fundamental ingredient: cuddling.

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