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Man and dog, an indissoluble bond that was born in the mists of time and which saw in the first wolves that approached human villages, a slow and constant domestication that led to the dog as we know it today.

, The nutrition of the athlete or working dog, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Man and dog, a pleasant bond made of love and passion

Over time, man has discovered in this animal a valid friend capable of helping him in several work activities, such as herding, guarding, hunting and over time he has seen him become an indispensable companion in the search for lost people. or under rubble or avalanches, in sea rescue, as a police dog, as an auxiliary in helping the disabled and people with psychomotor difficulties.
The man / dog bond has become increasingly strong until they are engaged together in several sporting activities where human skills and the qualities of dogs are highlighted in activities such as dog sledding, agility, canicross etc.

To do all this, a working or sporting dog requires great commitment, perfect physical shape and excellent health, assisted by specific training, proper nutrition and lots and lots of love.

, The nutrition of the athlete or working dog, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Nutrition and physical activity in the athlete or working dog

Unlike a dog that carries out a normal domestic life and consequently needs to integrate the only calories spent in the daily walk into the diet, the athlete dog needs a specific diet capable of providing the right energy and guaranteeing proper development and maintenance of muscles and joints.

Food rule

It is very important not to keep the dog completely fasting before a sporting performance, as by doing so, the necessary substrates for proper muscle metabolism will be lacking.

The general rule for the correct diet of an athlete or working dog is to be able to guarantee him daily mini-portions, so as not to weigh him down during digestion.

, The nutrition of the athlete or working dog, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Therefore, before a race or a demanding psychophysical activity it is absolutely necessary to avoid excessive nutrition in order not to create imbalances in the correct distribution of the blood circulation which in this case would be recalled by the digestive system, consequently causing an insufficient supply of oxygen to muscle level.
Hence the rapid transition from an aerobic to anaerobic activity with the production of lactic acid and consequent increase in fatigue.

Feeding before intense physical activity of the athlete or working dog

Proper nutrition management, in the phase prior to the start of physical activity, involves the administration of small quantities of a performing food such as Supreme Plus , about an hour before, in order to provide the substrates necessary for physical activity without overload the body.

Nutrition after intense physical activity of the athlete or working dog

It is advisable that the administration of food to the dog after it has carried out an intense physical activity takes place after 4/6.
Failure to comply with this rule could cause slowing or interruption of intestinal motility in poorly trained dogs, while in well trained dogs, the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and in the bicarbonate content of pancreatic juice could be reduced.

As usual, these are suggestions that do not intend to take the place of the opinion of the veterinarian who must always and under all circumstances be consulted before making any decision regarding the nutrition and health of your pet.

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