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The Jack Russell  was born in the 19th century in Devon (England). This breed is the result of several crosses with the aim of creating a smart and reliable hunting dog that was small enough to enter fox holes and flush them out.

The character

The Jack Russell  is a dog  with a very strong, lively and cheerful personality, who loves to run in the countryside, in parks or where there is space to vent his irrepressible character. This is why it is often used in agility or disc dog competitions.

Gifted with great intelligence,  this breed of Terrier can adapt to living both in the city and in the apartment as long as it is taken out often and run for at least an hour.

The Jack Russell  easily responds to commands, once taught, can be very stubborn and stubborn , but at the same time can be a cuddly and affectionate dog  , in need of company and attention; he would be useful in this regard when he is left alone in the apartment, especially when he is a puppy, to leave him some games that keep him busy so that he avoids making trouble at home.


The characteristics of the  Jack Russell  are to have a white body coat and a colored head. The predominant colors are light brown that fades towards dark, called  tan , and  black  which together create a play of colors  on the head  , generating a real mask.

The Jack Russell  can be two-tone, that is, white and tan (brown) or black and white. It is much rarer to find this all white dog breed as long as the truffle is black. There is also the tricolor, that is the contextual presence of brown and black spots on the white coat.

The least sought after as  Jack Russell  among the various colors is the black and white one, composed of the tan color that fades in various shades in combination with the presence of different specks.

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Care and hygiene

 The  Jack Russell  is not a dog that needs excessive care, but we must take care of cleaning and grooming, especially if it is a dog that lives inside the house.

For the care of the hair it will not be necessary to turn to professionals for grooming, but it will be enough to use a special comb to pass on the mantle to avoid falling hair.

Nutrition and health

It is now known that the Jack Russell  is an agile, dynamic and restless dog breed. His physical prowess is due to a number of factors such as hygiene , movement and  nutrition.

This dog breed is small in size, but develops considerable musculature. From the food point of view it does not involve a particular effort, however it needs to have some precautions. Like all dogs it needs a healthy and balanced diet, balanced and with high quality nutritional characteristics.

The  Jack Russell  is a strong dog who generally enjoys excellent  health. However, it may happen that they are subject to some  genetic pathologies  or that they are affected by  infections . There are some symptoms that clearly indicate the animal is unwell such as:

  • listlessness and apathy,
  • refusal of food
  • continuous scratching or licking

In these dogs it is a good idea to contact your trusted veterinarian.