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Those who live with a cat certainly know that this feline loves heat, to the point that it spends hours enjoying the warm rays of the sun in summer or the warmth of a fireplace or radiator in winter.

, The heat stroke in the cat, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

However, we pay particular attention when temperatures rise too much above the average, because excessive heat can lead them to have heat stroke, which for many of these animals can be fatal.

When the cat spends too much time exposed to high temperatures, it risks hyperthermia, i.e. a considerable increase in its body temperature, which will most likely be the cause of a series of reactions in its body that could lead to death.

The symptoms of heat stroke in cats are difficulty in breathing, wheezing, mucous membranes that are very red, fever, vomiting, bleeding or shock that can cause serious damage to the animal.

In the event that your cat exhibits one or more of these symptoms, you should immediately contact your trusted veterinarian.

, The heat stroke in the cat, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Massive exposure to heat and direct sunlight can also cause annoying skin burns.
Nose and ears are at increased risk of burns, particularly if the animal has fair hair and skin.

The suggestion is not to prevent your cat from “basking” under the hot rays of the sun, but to keep it away from excessive heat when it is too high, especially on summer days.

Always leave a bowl of fresh water at his disposal and make sure that at least it is out of direct sunlight.

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