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and how the family becomes the “pack” for the dog that becomes part of it.

It doesn’t matter if he arrives home as a puppy or as an adult, the important thing is to make him feel immediately welcomed, loved and part of the group.

  • Your family will become his pack, he will need to understand what the hierarchies are, who is the leader of the group and who he recognizes as his peer, this will allow him to feel safe, secure and make him a calm dog. As a full member of the family, he or she should have the opportunity to share many moments with you throughout the day.
  • Do not feed him the leftovers from your table, they are not good for him, he needs food specially prepared for the diet of a dog and not a human being.
, The dog “one of the family”, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • Always find time to play with him, the dog is a social animal that needs continuous psychophysical stimuli to stay healthy. So, in addition to making him run after a ball thrown in a meadow, invent simple games where, for example, he has the possibility to use smell and intuition. Hide some croquettes around the house and encourage him to find them, or insert them in some object (which cannot hurt the dog) and let him find a way to get to eat them. The game must always be up to the capacity of the dog, therefore, most likely (since it is not a chimpanzee and does not have opposable thumbs) if you put the kibble in a closed jar with a screw lid, he will not be able to eat them and this could be very demeaning for him.
, The dog “one of the family”, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
  • Do not underestimate the beneficial power of the “walk”, this will be a particular and in some cases intimate moment, in which the bonds of friendship and mutual esteem will be strengthened. Never give up on a walk with your dog, even if at times he seems listless, lazy, or excessively hyperactive and “warmonger”, because his health is at stake. The walk for the dog is a very important moment of social interaction and that allows him to relate to people and animals different from those of his family group. Leaving the house he will have the opportunity to react to new or usual stimuli, which will allow him to develop his intelligence.
  • Always keep him clean and keep the environment in which he lives clean and when he is not well take him to the vet.

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