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I had never had a dog and when my husband and my children offered me to adopt a puppy, the first reaction was a categorical no, the commitment seemed absolutely burdensome, there were many in the family and the general organization did not it was easy.
In the end, however, I gave in and now we are six in the family.

Now after seven years of living with our dog, I have never regretted the choice I made.

The reasons are many and the benefits that my whole family has drawn from it are many more than the sacrifices that our four-legged family member asks of us.

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As emerges from a recent study, the dog is a very important affection, so much so that for 37% of people it is considered as a child; a figure that rises significantly if we take into consideration the generation of children which reaches 51%.

Some feel even more understood by their pets than by children, friends and parents and for almost 8 out of 10 owners their furry companions deserve only the best, especially in terms of food.

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What are the benefits of this coexistence?

Many studies show that the presence of the dog in the family transmits a general well-being: it helps to relieve tensions and creates cohesion also because it unites all the components in its care.
Furthermore, it has been verified that the presence of a dog leads to a lower risk of heart disease because having someone who is always faithful to us, and who loves us unconditionally, helps to fight stress and be more serene. 
The greater propensity to relational life also benefits from it.

Many positive effects are already being recorded on children

Most of the children surveyed say their favorite animal is the dog.
92% believe that they give love more than any other and 60% that the four-legged friend helps to love and respect people more.

The positive effects on older people

For 9 over 65 out of 10 living with a pet improves mood and health, reduces the feeling of loneliness and increases that of serenity.

Dog owners are 57% more likely to exercise than non-pet owners, so much so that seniors living with a dog are fitter and younger.

In 2020, there were 7 million dogs in Italian families.

Even the law protects our friends, in 1991 Italy issued the framework law (L. n.81 of 14.08.91) on the  protection of pets  and prevention of stray animals and became the first country in the world to recognize the  right to life  and  protection of stray animals , prohibiting their killing except in cases of serious diseases, incurable diseases or proven dangerousness. 

Furthermore, the duty of the person who takes care of our friend is also regulated by clearly defining his duties to ensure him a healthy and safe life.