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“Dogs love water, they’re not like cats.” I have always heard this affirmation, but it is all to be verified. When I adopted my four-legged friend she was a puppy and was very attracted to water. I remember how my big surprise was now, when you enter a public park, she immediately “dived” into the fountain. Fortunately, the temperature was mild and the dive had no unpleasant consequences. But her story was different when I tried to get her into the sea. She withdrew there with great determination and only after many attempts, she decided to take a real bath.

How come? What is really the relationship between the dog and water in its various forms?

First of all, it is necessary to dispel the myth that every dog ​​knows how to swim, if thrown into the water, as we would do, it works to get back to shore, but it will certainly be very scared and will not have a pleasant memory of the past experience. This is to reiterate that contact with water must be gradual and respectful of its times.

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The most important thing is never to impose our will on our friend, he must not take a bath because we want it, but only because it pleases him. In my case it was very useful to get close to the shore with her, playing, joking, trying to entertain her, communicating a sense of trust and as always some succulent prizes can help.

I with my friend could not do it because it weighs almost twenty kilos, but if your dog is smaller, I recommend that you pick him up and slowly enter the water, supporting him by his belly and then sliding him slowly into the water: let him go, talking to him softly to reassure him and always standing next to him and you will see that he will understand how pleasant it is to be in the water and play with you.

Finally we remember that instead there are breeds “born to swim”, Among these are   the Poodles  (although small in size, they have always been used to being like retriever dogs in   the water), Labradors ,  Newfoundlands ,  Golden Retrievers  and  the Spanish Perro De Agua  (who have webbed legs among other things). Large dogs have always been trained as rescue dogs and every year they save the lives of dozens of people in our country alone.

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