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The origins

The membership of this dog breed is disputed by multiple countries. Its origins are undoubtedly to be found in  Europe, between France and England .

Originally the bassethound was a  hunting dog , given its excellent nose and usually used for hunting  fox, hare, pheasant.

It is a  dog suffering from a form of dwarfism , evident in the very short limbs.

Unlike the dachshund, which is a proportionately small dog, it is a  medium-sized dog , where the dystonia of proportions of the limbs is evident. It is from the French dachshund, to which the English bloodhound breed was mixed  that the Bassethound derives.

Appearance and main features

The stature of a Bassethound at the withers is between  33 and 38 cm , for a weight of about  30kg , it has a  long and tapered muzzle. Her skin generates  folds  in correspondence of the forehead and eyes and the upper lips of the  mouth  largely cover the lower ones.

Its appearance is also characterized by   very long ears , which exceed the size of the muzzle, which gives it a funny look. The  limbs , although  short , are well placed and powerful and, usually, the skin of the lower limbs may have folds in correspondence with the legs. Finally, the coat is  smooth and short , tricolor (black – fire – white) or two-tone (white – lemon).

The character

The  Bassethound is a very calm and patient dog.  For this reason he is more than suitable for growing up in families with  children , with whom he relates lovingly. It makes a  perfect companion dog , and adapts easily.

Excellent  companion for long walks  if you have a dynamic owner, excellent sofa companion for those who love to laze around the house. Its main character trait is stubbornness . He is a stubborn dog, which always manages to get what he wants, therefore it is certainly useful to train him from a puppy. However, it is an  easy to train dog .

Diseases and pathologies typical of the breed

The Bassethound has an average life span of 8-12 years and unfortunately is subject to some diseases that are often serious. Among these the   Osteochondritis dissecans:  a necrosis that affects a part of the articular cartilage, with inflammation and formation of necrosis. The diagnosis is not always simple and the remedy is necessarily of a surgical type; Elbow dysplasia : this is an alteration in the formation of the dog’s elbow joint .  This pathology favors the onset of arthritis. The gastric torsion syndrome: it is a sudden increase in the volume of the stomach, accompanied by a rotation on itself. If not treated immediately in the emergency room (where however there are equally mortality rates up to 30/40%) our friend Bassethound is destined to die. To avoid the possible onset of this pathology,  several good rules must be followed , starting from the fact of not feeding too abundant meals. Finally, obesity  is also a common problem in the breed.

Pay attention once more to the correct  nutrition of the dog . We at Nuova Fattoria know something about this and that is why we offer a healthy and balanced diet.

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