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The arrival of a puppy in the family often represents an important moment, full of expectations and a lot of joy, children have always wanted to have one and maybe it is also your desire, but be careful, pets are not a toy. for children, they are not an ornament and are not an object to be seen by others.

A dog, a cat, any pet is a living being, with emotions, feelings and a great desire to live, play and discover the world around him.

So when choosing a new member of the family, think carefully about all things.
If you decide to take it as a puppy, know that like all puppies, even humans, they need a lot of care and attention.

Growing a puppy at home means that you have to take into account many things, the first is that, as soon as he has the opportunity to move and walk, he will try to explore all the environment around him, the second is that he will want to understand what they are. the things around him, so first he will use his sense of smell and then with his mouth he will try their consistency and taste.

, The arrival of a puppy in the family, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

As a puppy, especially dogs, they are unable to moderate the strength of their bite, so be prepared to find slippers, shoes, scarves, hats, blankets, sofas, power lines, all torn to pieces.

The deciduous teeth of the dog is composed of small sharp and pointed teeth, capable of inflicting painful and deep wounds, if and certainly you do, you decide to do the fight with them, be ready to show off some nice obvious scratches on the arms and hands.

If you have small children, never leave them alone with the puppy, both are unable to moderate their behavior, so you may find yourself with a crying child, bitten by the puppy trying to play wrestling with him or a “crying puppy” “Because your son stuck a finger in his eye or pulled his ear too violently.

The puppy, like all living beings, has physiological needs, it must eat and drink and in the first months of life it will have to eat several times a day, so if you are not at home for work from morning to evening, perhaps it is better that you forget about it. idea of ​​the puppy and think of bringing home a slightly older animal.

, The arrival of a puppy in the family, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

After eating and drinking, the puppy will need to poop and pee and in the early days he will carry out his needs where it happens, do not raise your voice, do not beat him, do not put his face in the urine, but find a way to teach him that in the house there is a dedicated place, where he can go to do his business (logically it must always be accessible to the animal) and if it is a dog, over time he will learn that he can do them when you go out for a walk daily and remember that the walks a day must be from three to four and possibly always at the same time.

Our pets are very habitual, so for their psychophysical well-being always feed them at the same time and take them for a stroll at the same time of the day, in this way they will have the opportunity to meet and socialize more or less always with the same people and for dogs, with their own friends.

One of the first things to do regardless of where you got the puppy, in the kennel, found on the street, bought from an animal seller, or in a breeding, given to you by your neighbor, you must check its health, then check that it is clean, does not have parasites, it is not too dull, then you will have to find a trusted veterinarian.

, The arrival of a puppy in the family, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Depending on the situation, the doctor will carry out routine checks and if necessary he will carry out the first vaccinations, against typical infectious diseases, will be dewormed and a microchip will be applied. From that moment in the legal field you will be its owner (it is better to say its guardian) and also liable criminally for everything that your pet will cause to others, be they, people, animals or things. The advice we give you is to get a little insurance that protects you against any risk “prevention is better than cure”.

If the puppy was already in the name of another person, you will have to make the change of ownership.

That’s not all, before bringing your puppy home you will need to prepare the right environment, capable of welcoming it, protecting it and above all protecting the things you care about, from its teeth or claws (in the case of a cat). So two beautiful bowls, preferably made of aluminum, for food and water, a comfortable and welcoming kennel, gates and barriers to limit the spaces where it can or cannot go and above all a few games.

, The arrival of a puppy in the family, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

The games will help him to pass the time when he is alone at home, to socialize with family members, to develop his psychophysical abilities.

The puppies will have to gradually get used to being alone for a few hours. Loneliness, especially for a dog who is by nature a being who wants to live in a group is dramatic, so the detachment must be gradual and you will have to make him understand that you will always return home and when this happens, you will have to make him many parties, almost as many as you are. he will do it.

Initially, leave them alone for a few minutes, maximum 10, you will gradually increase the time, when you leave the dog alone, leave him his favorite toy or if you want, you can take kibble toys, they will help them pass the time and develop intelligence.

, The arrival of a puppy in the family, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Whatever game you decide to buy or make on your own at home (even a plastic bottle stuck in a sock is enough), remember to take it in a size appropriate to the size of your pet. Too small a game could be swallowed, too big a game would be useless. Your pet will grow quickly, so don’t get too many toys from him right away, because he won’t use them.

Before going to get your puppy you will need to buy other basic accessories, a leash and a harness for the dog (never leave them within reach of his teeth), a litter box and a cat carrier.

As for the food, ask the person who gave you the puppy, dog or cat, the type of diet he is used to, otherwise the first few days they could have gastrointestinal disorders which, however, resolve themselves in a short time.

For puppies we recommend a diet consisting of dry food, if you want for the first 2/3 weeks you could supplement it with wet food (but it is not necessary) in the proportion of ¼ of wet food and ¾ of dry food.

In any case, the feed must be of excellent quality and with a high caloric intake, we propose the dry food of the Supreme Puppy line produced by Nuova Fattoria is suitable for puppies from six weeks of age to twelve months.

The quantities and daily rations will vary as the dog grows, towards one year of age you will begin to mix dry food for puppies with that for adult dogs, such as Supreme Adult.

Last but not least is the implementation of rules designed to make the coexistence man – dog / cat the best possible and to do this never forget that the dog is a dog, that the cat is a cat and the human being is a human being, everyone has their own way of behaving, communicating and socializing, so find the most suitable way for you and your Pet, to communicate and understand each other in the best way.

Always use the same words and movements to explain certain actions, such as, “come here” – “let’s go” – “stop” – “stay” – “leave” and so on. Never shout, but use a calm and decisive tone, accompany the order, with a wave of the hand and you will see that you and your partner will be one.

So as we said at the beginning of the article, the dog / cat are not a toy, they are not an ornament, they are not an object to be displayed and in conclusion I add, I am not a human being, so do not make the mistake of try to “humanize it”.

Your puppy, who is now a fur ball, will become a beautiful dog or cat, but in any case the only thing they will ask of you is a lot of respect, care and love. In return you will have a lot of respect, care and love and they will stay with you always.

ps Always also means when you go on vacation.

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