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We are now ready to go, the suitcases are full, the car has just returned from the car wash, we just have to prepare the bag with the things to bring and which are essential for our dog or our cat.

  1. THE HEALTH BOOKLET : useful in case of health needs. If you bring your pet by ship or plane, you will be prompted

  2. LEASH AND MUZZLE : For dogs on ship, plane and train, as in highly frequented places, the use of a muzzle is mandatory and the leash must not exceed 150cm in length.

  3. BOWLS : For water and food they are indispensable at home as on vacation. For dogs, if you plan to go for long walks, remember to also bring a water bottle or travel bowl to give them a drink.

  4. FAMILY ITEMS : remember to bring his favorite toy and pillow. This will allow him to adapt more quickly to the new environment.

  5. SUN PROTECTION : Indispensable when taking long walks in the mountains or if you take your pet to the beach. The sun can burn a dog’s skin just like we do. So make sure you have good sunscreen specific for dogs, to be applied in the most exposed areas such as the nose and ears. Also, avoid having your coat clipped as the risk of burns and heat stroke would increase.

  6. HYGIENIC BAGS : We clean up when we are in town, we do it just as well when we are on vacation.

  7. THE LITTER : If the cat comes on vacation with us.

  8. FOOD : The eating habits of our four-legged friends on vacation do not have to change, so we bring the food in quantities suitable for the time we are away. Nuova Fattoria Srl supplies its feed in bags and convenient jars.
  9. AN UMBRELLA : On the beach it will help the dog to defend itself from the sun’s rays.

  10. SHAMPOO AND BRUSH : Sand and salt in the sea, mud and earth in the mountains, a good brushing and a refreshing wash will help our furry baby to feel better.

The pesticide, the visit to the veterinarian, any medicines, the identification plate with a clearly visible telephone number, are all things that you had to do before departure .

At this point we just have to wish you a good holiday and remember to send us your photos.

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