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An irreplaceable element that guarantees well-being and good health.

The diet of the domestic cat must never lack a particular amino acid responsible for the production of bile acids, which is able to regulate the calcium present inside the cells, it is very important to ensure the correct functioning of the nervous and muscular tissue and contributes to proper cardiovascular function.

We are talking about Taurine which is naturally present in meat and fish, not in vegetables.

The cat, unlike the dog, is a pure carnivore, therefore meat must never be missing in its diet, be it fresh or given in the form of dry or wet feed.

Allowing your cat to have a diet based on dry feed such as the one proposed by Nuova Fattoria in the Supreme and Stone lines , guarantees the right amount of this important amino acid, without which or in the absence of it, the cat could run into problems. heart diseases such as “dilated cardiomyopathy”, a disease that can lead to the formation of blood clots in the arteries. It can also cause a deterioration of the retina and therefore a gradual and progressive loss of vision.

, Taurine in the cat’s diet, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food , Taurine in the cat’s diet, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food , Taurine in the cat’s diet, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

To conclude, we can say that the TAURINE integrated in the cat’s feed helps to bring the following benefits:

  • Counteracts cellular aging, improving its life expectancy, thanks to its antioxidant action,
  • Stimulates metabolism and organic growth.
  • Guarantees the production of bile salts.
  • It works as a neurotransmitter between the cells of the nervous system.
  • It positively participates in the preservation of the cells of the retina and consequently in maintaining good eyesight.

As always, we remind you that these are only suggestions that do not want to replace the judgment of the veterinarian who must always be consulted.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl