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Taurine is essential for cats, just as vitamins are for us, which we cannot produce ourselves and therefore must necessarily be integrated with the diet.

The cat must take taurine because it becomes part of a series of bodily development processes in the cat, including the  synthesis of bile acids,  the  development of myocardial tissue  and the  development of nerve tissue, including the retina.

What exactly is taurine? It is an  essential, non-protein amino acid , present in abundance in all animal tissues. Cats that live in the wild therefore procure it by themselves by  hunting,  in fact their prey par excellence, the mouse, contains a very high quantity of it.   

For this reason our cats, heirs of hunters who have found large quantities of it ready in their food for thousands of years, have  lost the possibility of synthesizing it by themselves , because in nature, what is not needed is eliminated, because it is only a useless effort. for the organism.

Where is it? Taurine is therefore contained in all foods of animal origin (including fish and eggs), but  especially the muscles  and  organs  of mammals are particularly rich in it. Cooking affects the   presence of taurine in our cats’ food, causing it to become depleted. Since it is very  sensitive to heat , it is usually added in large quantities to industrial foods and should always be supplemented in a cooked diet for cats.

The FEDIAF , (European Pet Food Industry Federation) indicates in its nutritional guidelines that the adult cat should take between 250 and 500mg of taurine per day, but this requirement may increase during growth, pregnancy and lactation.

, Taurine, a fundamental element for cat health, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

What dangers does our cat run if we do not integrate taurine in its diet?

Taurine deficiency in cats mainly affects the eyes and heart. Cats who take too little taurine may have  sudden blindness , with or without nerve symptoms of various kinds, such as seizures or tremors. Excessive fatigue can also   be a symptom of taurine deficiency, due to its effects on the heart. In fact, when the cat undergoes a dilated myocardiopathy due to taurine deficiency, as the disease progresses, it will no longer be able to adequately pump blood in the various parts of the body.

In conclusion, offering your cat a dry feed such as the one offered by  Nuova Fattoria  in the  Supreme and Stone lines , guarantees your cat the right amount of this important amino acid and therefore allows it to be preserved from the aforementioned problems and allows it to improve its quality of life. and its well-being.