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The  tabby cat , which takes its name from  Sorìa  (Syria), a region where this cat was widespread in the wild, is the impure breed of the common house cat, also known as  a half-breed cat . Another name with which the tabby cat is defined is that of  tabby , which derives from the modification of the medieval Latin  attabi , which indicated another Asian region, the Attabiyah, in present-day Iraq, where a striped silk was produced whose motifs were reminiscent of the fur of such cats.

Physical aspect

  • Weight : females reach 3-4 kg on average and males can reach 5-7 kg as adults.
  • Character : the tabby cat is generally very affectionate and playful, but also independent with a strong hunting instinct; loves cuddles and the outdoors.
  • In heat : if the cat is whole (not neutered), when it goes in love it can travel miles and miles in search of a partner. During this time the males become violent by fighting with other cats, while the females roll around on the ground emitting characteristic meows. Generally this happens once or twice a year.

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  • Feeding : cats prefer to nibble and if food is always available to them they can even reach sixteen meals a day.
  • Kittens : Cats give birth a maximum of twice a year and the number of kittens varies from one to six generally, although the world record is nineteen. In about two or three months  weaning  is complete.
  • Coat : The coat of the tabby cat is short and the color of the coat can be brindle or streaked, black gray or smoky gray, red, white or more colors, such as black or white. Depending on the color of the hair, the color of the pads also varies.

The tabby is characterized by a brindle coat, of various colors: generally it is gray with black streaks, but there is also a gray-brown or brown coat with black or mahogany streaks and finally the fawn coat, which distinguishes a particular type of tabby originally widespread in Spain, whose shades range from reddish to copper. Each coat is also distinguished by the type of streaks.

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Streaks of darker tone and of medium-large thickness are distinguishable, which give the hair a marbled appearance. Then there are more subtle streaks, which can be accompanied by rosettes or svirgolature in the same color: in the latter type of coat, the mixed coat, the streaks are generally present on the head, on the sides of the eyes, on the limbs, on the tail and back of the animal, while the rosettes or svirgolature are found on the belly and flanks. The tabby cat is recognized by an M-shaped streak on the forehead. Only the females can have the coat of three colors: white, black and chestnut-brown.

The color of the coat is also combined with the color of the eyes: with gray or brown-brown coats we find eyes of a pale green tone, distinguished by the black outline of the eyelids; with tawny coats there are usually light green or brown eyes. The tabby generally has a medium-large head, a sturdy body and strong legs: similar to the wild cat also in temperament, it has an independent character and prone to hunting and is at ease if it is possible to pass without difficulty from the house. to the open space, alternating the two environments to your liking. These cats are the best of company, but they can escape if the front door is open.

Source: Wikipedia