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Why sterilize your cat?

First of all we want to say that having the cat sterilized, male or female, is, contrary to what one is led to believe, an act of love towards one’s feline, in addition to the fact that it improves and extends the expectations of average life.

Not to mention the fact that the home environments we share with a cat will benefit greatly, less excruciating meowing, less urine smell, fewer cats trying to get away or enter the house at all hours of the day and night.

Advantages and disadvantages of neutering the cat

Now and more and more often, animal welfare associations and veterinarians suggest this practice and some of the reasons are as already mentioned:

  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency), leukemia or, if done before the year of life (as some studies report) can prevent the onset of breast or uterine cancers.
  • There is no stress and fatigue of the cat due to pregnancy or breastfeeding and the male cat avoids urinating continuously in the house and above all the violence of forcing him to stay segregated in the house or on the street to argue with other males of his species.
  • Leaving the house they will not have the sexual “frenzy” and will be more calm and attentive in crossing
  • Males will be less aggressive and more confident and females not going into heat will not roam the house leaving excruciating meows.
  • There will be far fewer stray kittens who often have it as their destiny to live a miserable life.

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The sterilization of the cat must be carried out by a veterinarian

The cat can be neutered during the period of puberty.
For females this period occurs around six / seven months. Kittens tend to have their first heat around six months.

, Sterilization of the cat, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

It is not scientifically proven that the cat must be pregnant at least once in her life.

How does male sterilization take place?

Neutering a male cat consists of removing the testicles (castration).

It is an operation performed with deep sedation under local anesthesia, not particularly complicated and often does not even require sutures. It doesn’t take long to do it, so the cat doesn’t experience a lot of stress and comes home with almost no shake.

How does female sterilization take place?

The sterilization of the cat consists in the removal of the ovaries (ovariectomy).
It is a longer and more invasive surgery than that of the male, because it requires the incision of the abdomen under total anesthesia and, therefore, the application of the points.

At what age should the cat be sterilized?

As mentioned above, veterinarians usually recommend performing the operation before the first heat for females, so around the 6th month of age, the same principle is also valid for the male cat.

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Feeding the sterilized cat

Almost immediately after neutering cats and, in particular females, will undergo behavioral changes (often improving in domestic ones) and you will also notice alterations compared to their normal eating habits. Often their appetite can increase by 20-25% compared to the past, however, against a reduction (becomes more sedentary) of the energy expenditure that is around 30%. It is easy to guess that the cat will tend to put on weight. In agreement with your veterinarian, your pet’s diet will therefore be reviewed, providing it with a specially studied and balanced food, capable of providing all the nutrients necessary for its well-being, but with a lower energy content. An excellent solution is Supreme Cat Sterilized ,the feed made by Nuova Fattoria Srl which was created to meet the new dietary needs of the sterilized cat, without depriving it of the taste and pleasure of excellent nourishment.

, Sterilization of the cat, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

As always, this article is intended to be of a popular nature only, but it cannot and does not want to replace the opinion and judgment of a veterinarian, to whom reference must always and in any case be made.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl.