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Spring is a favorite season for many, but it is a sensitive time for our  pets. In fact, during this time, our four-legged friends lose a lot of hair and are subject to sudden changes in temperature but above all to seasonal parasites.

How to take care of them properly?

Care and attention and a balanced diet

To help our pet get rid of dead hair easily, it is necessary  to brush it several times a day , also making use of long baths that facilitate its removal.

This operation will not only help them remove the dead hair but also for the growth of the new one.

Spring  has always been the time for walks, outdoor games, non-stop runs. And our puppies are the first to notice: they are much more active and want to go for long walks.

It is therefore also the time when your dog or cat needs  energy , but without weighing yourself down, as temperatures start to rise. For this reason  , choose balanced foods , of high quality and able to give the animal all the nutrients it needs., Preferring specific treats for dogs and cats.

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Protect your pets from parasites

Unfortunately, when the weather is good they come back too:  fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites  which, in addition to creating annoyance, can cause infections or even more serious diseases.

You can protect your pet naturally, there are various products on the market usually based on lemongrass that  act as a disinfectant on difficult wounds, accelerating healing.

What are the risks of pets during the spring?

Although even in winter the risk of contracting diseases is very high, in spring it increases due to the temperatures and ticks , fleas , lice are unfortunately on the agenda:

  • Lice : among the various annoyances that our pet goes through, lice are the least dangerous. However, they bring discomfort and infections
  • Fleas : Once a flea lands on our pet’s coat, it penetrates deeply and feeds on their blood. From flea eggs, new larvae are born. In this case it is advisable to take care of our puppy’s coat to prevent fleas from taking root
  • Ticks : These parasites are found mostly on land and cling to animals when they pass by. It is important to make sure that this does not happen in order to avoid getting serious illnesses.

In conclusion, the care of our furry friends in the spring is important for their health and serenity. As always, at the first signs of discomfort it is always good to hear the opinion of your trusted veterinarian.