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The  Rottweiler  is a molossoid dog breed selected in the German town of Rottweil on the Neckar river during the 19th century, where this dog was used for the custody of butchers’ meat and for pulling small carts used for the transport of goods.

He was also appreciated as a service dog in the police, given his ability to guard and his great strength and energy. Its fame today is not good and this breed had been included in the list of dangerous dog breeds, now no longer in force.

As for all our four-legged friends, the problem is not the dog itself or its character due to a specific breed , but the action of some owners who have chosen the Rottweiler by training it as a guard dog for their home, making it becoming aggressive and possibly leaving him chained for most of the day.


This dog is described as balanced, protective and determined, trainable, courageous, independent and loyal to the owner to whom he abundantly reciprocates the affections and care that are offered to him.

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In any case, the instinct to defend the territory is, in this dog, very strong, and its reaction against what it perceives as territorial threats can be fatal.

This breed was among those listed on the List of Dangerous Dog Breeds, currently no longer in force after the Martini ordinance of 2009 where there is no longer any reference to dog aggression based on the breed it belongs to.

The coat is  black with well defined and brown markings.  They can be found on the eyes, muzzle, neck, chest, inside of the limbs and at the base of the tail. The coat is of medium length, dense and harsh and also has an undercoat.

Living environment

Although it is a dog that can tolerate the cold and in winter sleep outdoors in an insulated kennel, it still needs a close relationship with its owner. It also easily adapts to life at home.

How to cure

The Rottweiler is a dog that  often needs the company and attention of its owner .
He adapts to life at home as long as he is taken out for  his walks 2 or better 3 times a day  when he has the opportunity not only to run and play but also to socialize. The mistake that should not be made is to take a specimen of this breed and relegate it tied in the garden to guard perhaps after having trained it, this is precisely how the aggression of this dog is encouraged, which would instead be of a calm and peaceful nature. .

Remember to  brush your Rottweiler a couple of times a week  and check that there are no fleas or ticks (in this regard, do all the prophylaxis that your vet recommends).


The feeding of these dogs must be well cared for and well managed by the owner.


The puppy from weaning up to one year of age needs three meals a day. The three meals are used to avoid weighing the animal down and putting the weight of the food on the stomach on the bones, since the dog’s digestion takes place in 6-8 hours.


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In adulthood, the meal is eaten twice a day. Some recommend dividing the daily dose into two meals throughout the dog’s life and modifying the quantity and energy intake (with more or less caloric or digestible products) according to the activity performed and / or age.

The breed as well as all Molossid breeds can be subject to stomach torsion, a serious pathology that can lead to death if the animal is not acted quickly.
Although torsion often occurs after a meal and therefore it is advisable not to let the dog play or do heavy physical activity after it has eaten, the causes that determine the onset of the disease are not yet fully known. In addition, in many cases of rottweiler puppies (and in general of puppies of large dogs), especially those born in the winter months, an elbow problem can occur due to the fact that the puppy grows too fast and the bones do not adapt. with the same speed as you gain weight.

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It is advisable to pay attention to the calcium requirement in the Rottweiler, especially in the growth phase it can cause big problems to the bones.

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The diet  must then be  balanced  to ensure that the dog does not have all the nutrients useful for its development and well-being but also to prevent it from gaining too much weight and suffering from obesity. Get advice from your trusted veterinarian.


A female Rottweiler can give birth to 12 young ones, but in a litter they hardly all survive.

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