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The pomeranian is among the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and is consistently ranked in the top 15 dog breeds by registration for the past 10 years. This figure is probably enhanced by the visibility gained in particular as a celebrity dog. However, it is not only the fashion that leads people to choose this small dog, in fact its small size, the ease of care and management due to its stature and the good overall behavior make this breed very nice. Its very thick mane is characteristic, its curly tail also very thick and carried on the back and also the dense water-repellent undercoat that allows quick drying even after bathing.

It is a dog that has a tendency to favor home environments and the company of the owner and his family, especially that of children. It has a generally good health and needs periodic cleaning due to the peculiarity of its coat. He is a very faithful dog and does not have a passion for hunting. It has average energy and little vigor. The Pomeranian Spitz can give the impression of being a dog that requires a lot of attention due to its thick and fluffy coat, in reality it is a robust dog, very lively, always looking for new toys. He is an intelligent companion who does not accept everything that is imposed on him. He loves to go for walks, is curious, resourceful and extremely sensitive. It is a wonderful breed to manage which, in Italy,

This dog, although small in size, is very robust, bold and reckless, qualities inherited from the larger German Spitz, which were used as guard dogs by German carters. Although it is a companion dog it is counted among the guard dogs, as it is often used as a “sentinel dog”, in fact it is able to alert real watchdogs thanks to its excellent auditory qualities. He is very attached to his master, whom he defends at all costs, fearing nothing or anyone.

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Life expectancy

Pomeranians usually live between 12 and 16 years, although there are cases of specimens reaching 20 years of age. A common health problem in old age is tracheal collapse or kidney failure. They can develop epilepsy events and dental problems


Since the pomeranian is a long-haired dog, it is a good idea to brush its hair every day to avoid knots (due to the various layers of hair) and keep it clean for as long as possible using a special brush called a carder easily available in shops. animals. Furthermore, following a balanced diet suitable for your weight and age will keep you in shape for longer. To avoid unpleasant breath odors, it is advisable to check the teeth often, since, due to the small size of the teeth, tartar is easily formed.

Affection for the family

Maximum affection for the family

He requires a lot of attention from the owner  and to be involved in any family situation. He is loving, loyal, always attentive, agile and ready to learn. He is a family dog, neither aggressive nor shy and can adapt quickly to a country or apartment life. Given the small size, he is perfectly suited to people who do not have a lot of space available. He is recommended for families with children with whom they are kind and caring.

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Friendly with children

Friendly with children

This dog  can very quickly become attached to the little ones . Too much, in some cases. This particular must be taken into account especially for the health of the dog. Too vigorous kind of interaction  with the little ones  can lead to unpleasant consequences for the Poms themselves . This, in fact, can be the victim of rather serious injuries if left alone with too small children who may not handle it with due care.


An  average daily calorie intake of between 300 and 400 calories is recommended for an active adult pomeranian weighing about 4 kg. Dogs that have been spayed / neutered or are older may need fewer calories. Some dogs may need more calories depending on their activity level and individual metabolism. Growing puppies, for example, consume more calories than adult dogs, and the same goes for young dogs. For example, a young Pomeranian who weighs around 4kg and who gets a lot of exercise would need around 436 calories per day. However, if your Pomeranian tends to hang around the house all day with little exercise, it would need fewer calories. An inactive Pomeranian weighing 4 kg is estimated to require about 296 calories per day.

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, Pomeranian, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

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