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Going on vacation with family and four-legged friends is now always easier and within everyone’s reach.

Leaving organized and prepared for (almost) everything is the best thing to do.

Remember that if you take a trip by car you will need some stops to allow him to stretch his paws and drink, if the dog or cat are puppies, the breaks will have to be more frequent and longer.

During the stop, the puppy dog ​​in particular must have the opportunity to play and let off steam, otherwise he will be agitated and restless in the car.

The dog is an animal of habit, so one of the problems that you will have to face, as soon as you arrive at the holiday resort, will be that of managing the change of its daily routine.

A piece of advice that we have already given you in other articles and which is also useful in this circumstance is to vary the times of daily outings with your dog. Do not take him for walks every day at 8, at 14 and at 21, but vary and maybe sometimes go out at 9, at 16 and at 21. This, as well as getting him used to being with other dogs and with people other than you, (for example, sometimes during the year, you can leave it at the house of a trusted friend, for a day and a night), will help it grow with more certainties and fewer fears.
Small tricks, which will allow you to grow a little sedentary animal, which is not afraid of changes and which when you go on vacation will not be problematic.

As for meals, continue to use the usual food and calculate the right amount to bring, based on the days you are away.
dry food is always ideal , especially when on vacation.