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A dog in excellent physical shape is an animal that will live a long and healthy life.

A lot of physical activity, a lot of love and a diet that brings the right nutrients: this is the winning formula to guarantee your dog the right well-being.

The right diet of the dog must take into account many factors, the age, the size of the animal and the energy needs resulting from the type of physical activity it carries out.
Therefore, a balanced food must provide proteins and carbohydrates capable of providing the right energy, vitamins and minerals that are used to keep the joints, teeth, skin, mantle and nervous system in perfect health.


Not too much and not too little, this could be the motto to hang next to the pan of food.
On the bags of dry feed produced by Nuova Fattoria, you will find the nutritional indications and the quantities of feed to provide to your dog, logically with the right corrections depending on the type of animal, its size and how much energy it needs.

To understand if your four-legged is fit or not, you can follow this simple tip:

Look at it from above and you should see the waist just in line with the hips, then look at it from the side, the abdomen (belly) should be slightly retracted, as a last thing feel the sides of the chest and look for the ribs, if you feel them ” GOOD Your dog is in perfect shape.
If you do not feel them because they are covered in ” VERY BAD ” fat, your pet is too fed and does little physical activity.
If, on the other hand, the ribs are too protruding and you also see the spine, “ BAD ” your dog is malnourished.

, Physical fitness of the dog and proper nutrition, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food


The dry food for dogs produced by Nuova Fattoria contain highly digestible proteins, as well as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, all of this studied with veterinarians and nutrition experts in the sector, to ensure the right nutritional intake and ensure proper digestion.

The dry feeds of the Supreme , Stone, Mister  and Maxime lines are easily assimilated by the dog (up to 90% of the food taken as dry food).
A sign of good digestion is the few faeces, solid and consistent, a sign that your dog gets the maximum nutritional intake from his diet.

A correct supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals will guarantee the animal a right level of energy, as well as hair and skin that are always healthy.

Always remember that these are simple suggestions and that to ensure the correct health of your animals there are veterinarians who should always be consulted before making any decision related to their health.