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– PREVENT THE UNEXPECTED : Going on vacation with family and four-legged friends is always easier and within everyone’s reach, but be careful because the unexpected can always be around the corner and if this happens on a hot sunny day, it could ruin your projects. Before going anywhere with your pet, check if the facility you are going to accepts pets. In fact, not all museums, natural parks, restaurants, beaches, public transport, etc. are friendly.
You may find it useful to consult the map you find on the DOG WELCOME website

– A VISIT TO THE VETERINARY BEFORE LEAVING : It is always advisable to take the dog or cat to the veterinarian before any holiday. This will allow you to leave and have a peaceful and trouble-free holiday. Tell the doctor where you are going to spend your holidays because he will be able to indicate any preventive treatments. We suggest you read the following articles:
Filariasis or heartworm in dogs

– THE MEDAL AND THE COLLAR: even if you use the harness to walk your dog (rightly), when you are on vacation and traveling, also wear the collar to which the medal will be attached. Make sure that the tag clearly shows the dog’s name and a clearly and legibly written telephone number to which you can be traced in case of loss. Even the most faithful and obedient dog in particular and unexpected cases such as, for example, a sudden bang or an unexpected situation, can panic and flee and if you are in an unfamiliar place, he will have some trouble finding you.

BOWLS AND FAVORITE FOOD: Don’t forget to put bowls for water and food in your suitcase and buy the right amount of food in time according to the time you are away from home. Nuova Fattoria produces high quality dry feed suitable for the diet of every dog ​​and cat . Even those on vacation.

– THE CARRIER: if your friend travels in the carrier, make sure it is comfortable and welcoming and insert his favorite blanket or pillow inside. The journey will be calmer and the holiday will be less stressful for everyone.

– ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE HEALTH BOOK: Always carry your pet’s health book with you and check that the vaccination plan is always up-to-date and in order. If you use a ship, plane or train to get to your vacation spot, you will certainly be required.

 T HE EUROPEAN PASSPORT IF YOU LEAVE ITALY: if you are traveling across borders, your friend needs a mandatory European Passport for travel within the European Union. From 29/12/2014 new European regulations are in force governing the NON-commercial handling of dogs, cats and ferrets: EU Regulation n.576 / 2013 – EU Implementing Regulation n.577 / 2013 – Directive 2013/31 / EU. The passport is issued by the Veterinary Services of the AUSL competent for the territory. For the purposes of issuing the passport, dogs, cats and ferrets must be identified by means of a perfectly legible tattoo (applied before 3 July 2011) or microchip and registered in the Regional Registry of Affectionate Animals. These rules are essential to protect public and animal health and help to combat illegal trafficking in pets,