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“Mom, you promised me a kitten for Christmas”, “But you are crazy, how can we treat it and then the kittens … no, no, too complicated”, “Well, I can cure it, cats are very independent and then maybe we make her a litter and then we sterilize her ”.

This is my story with the cat Mimi, which my mother agreed to adopt when I was a teenager. Mimì became part of the family as a puppy and then became the mother of 5 beautiful kittens, all given to absolutely trusted friends and relatives, except one, Paco, who we kept because I immediately fell in love with her.

So the fateful moment arrived: Mimì went to our veterinarian friend and was operated on.

This story serves to reassure people who may still have doubts about the success of this decision. Of course, many decide to sterilize their kitty as soon as possible, at the first heat for females and between 6 and 9 months for males: it is not a problem.

, My cat spayed and happy, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Let’s say immediately that now all vets are able to do the surgery and usually hospitalization is not necessary, everything is done within the day, the females will then have to return after about ten days to remove the stitches.

Furthermore, the choice of sterilization meets the good of cats in general, avoiding increasing the sad phenomenon of feline stray animals.

The most critical moment, and on which more attention must be paid, is his return home.

Despite the simplicity of the intervention, our friend may feel a little disoriented, he needs pampering. We need to keep him under observation to see if he has trouble breathing or going to the bathroom. Fortunately, all this will last a short time, but some changes will be evident: he will be hungrier and more lazy. We should find some time (20-30 minutes a day) to let him play and check that his diet is healthy and balanced to prevent him from gaining weight and risk getting sick.

Fortunately, today there are foods specially prepared for sterilized cats that will satisfy him without weighing him down.

Suprem Cat Sterilized

Nuova Fattoria has developed with experts in the sector a balanced and appetizing dry food especially for sterilized cats. Also suitable for older cats or cats that lead a sedentary lifestyle.

 Your kitty or kitten will soon be back in perfect shape, even better than before, but it is also up to you to help him with some attention and good habits.

As always, this article is intended to be of a popular nature only, but it cannot and does not want to replace the opinion and judgment of a veterinarian, to whom reference must always and in any case be made.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl