Feed for adult dogs of all breeds.

Monoprotein food that respects the specific nutritional needs of dogs who perform poor physical activity, sterilized, elderly and In convalescence.

Caloric Content 4.100 kilocalories

Our feed are natural to 100%.

 19 Kg – 14 Kg – 4 Kg.


Dry feed for elderly, neutered, overweight or convalescent dogs.

The highest quality ingredients, studied and selected in collaboration with specialists in the field and the low caloric content, make Supreme Light the ideal food for older, overweight or convalescent dogs.

These dog croquettes are characterized by excellent palatability and complete digestibility and are distinguished by the fact that compared to the other recipes of the Supreme line, they bring a lower quantity of proteins and fats

All the ingredients are processed using “selective extrusion”, an innovative raw materials processing technique that enhances the nutritional content and promotes the assimilation of the product.

Calorific content  4.100 kilocalories.

All the ingredients used for the recipes of our dry food for dogs, even after processing, maintain their original organoleptic and nutritional characteristics and for this reason we do not need in any way to add artificial colors and preservatives.


Extruded maize, meat, lard, maize gluten meal, vitamin and mineral complex, antioxidants


The daily ration may be given to the dog in a single meal. Leave available fresh, clean water. Store in a cool and dry place.

Find the croquettes of the Nuova Fattoria Srl Mister Old Light line in sizes from 2.5 Kg. – 4 Kg. – 15 Kg.