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The origins of Labrador Retrievers are not very clear: this dog is thought to have originated on the coast of Newfoundland, where fishermen used similar dogs to retrieve lost nets and fish in the cold North Sea. In Italy the breed has now established itself in every sense, especially as a companion dog and as a guide dog for the blind. These dogs have 3 coat colors: black, yellow and brown.


Labrador Retrievers are popular and beloved dogs all over the world for their friendly, adaptable, docile yet ardent character . Their true passion is water and play  and they are very loyal to their master. Gifted with extraordinary intelligence, he is considerate and docile with children and more impetuous and playful with adults. His real desire is to do something for his master and thus deserve a prize or a caress. It is not an aggressive dog, its only drawback is that it is a bad guard dog, it will limit itself only to barking in case of strangers. For this breed, training is extremely simple, you simply need to be decisive, give one-way messages, and above all not be too hard on him or resort to violent actions.

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Health and nutrition

Labradors are generally in excellent health, which corresponds to their sturdy, rustic appearance  Usually lives 12 years . An adequate lifestyle allows him to overcome the 10 years without problems. When it is quite old, it is necessary to pay attention to heart problems  (as with all dogs with a strong temperament that always give their energies exhausted); moreover, the Labrador often suffers from arthrosis.  This dog  is greedy and has a certain tendency to obesity : therefore, care must be taken not to favor his attitude of continuous request, providing him with 2 meals a day at fixed times, without offering treats or leftovers during the intervals. But above all, this dog essentially needs exercise: obesity in the specimens that go hunting does not exist.  For sedentary dogs (especially if they are bitches), a low calorie diet is recommended. As in all widespread breeds,  hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia have been found .

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Finally, we remember two tips that are always valid: go to the veterinarians or trust them as soon as you understand that our dog is not well and in every situation never let him lack the support and gratification he deserves.