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Some research tells us that cats outnumber their furry friends / enemies, in fact they reach 7 and a half million.

How can we describe their life? Normally in the summer it is difficult to see the cat inside, if not in the moment of feeding. He loves being outside, wandering, hunting not for hunger, but for instinct, on the other hand the cat in history and over the centuries was the elegant, proud and independent feline, jealous of its autonomy.

In winter, the matter changes completely and we have to distinguish between cats that live outside and only rarely enter the house, we think above all of the felines that live in the countryside, and the cats that instead fully share the space with human friends.

The former are accustomed to climate change and are equipped accordingly, certainly then they do not refuse a warm place in the most rigid moments, even the latter change the hair that becomes a thick fur, but with the winter rigor they prefer to stay warm, instead of venturing on the outside.

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Even the speech of nutrition must be differentiated, your home cat does not need more food than the summer diet, but instead it is necessary to make him move more to prevent him from putting on extra kilos. If, on the other hand, he lives outside, the cold makes him waste more energy and therefore you can offer him some more croquettes, but always paying close attention to the quality of the food you offer.

Your cat is one of the family

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In all cases, your attentions are the best way to make the house cat happy, whether it is an irreducible free spirit always on the hunt for adventures or a big cat perpetually curled up on the sofa or near the heater. Of course we must not exaggerate, on the web or social networks cats are often used as ornaments and this betrays their nature: kittens with caps, obese cats sleeping on the sofa, cats dressed as dolls ready for a selfie.

Yes, our cat friend is truly “one of the family”.