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If you decide to take a French Bulldog with you, rely on serious breeders who can guarantee a correct selection.

Never buy puppies on the internet and from characters who do not have a serious breeding.
Maybe you will pay less, but most likely they will be animals that will face various  health problems that will turn into high costs that can later become very high as they will require more medical examinations than another dog.

Having said that, we must add that this dog breed is very affectionate, suitable for being around children and very naughty.

Characteristics of the breed

The French Bulldog is a recognized breed of molosser type and small size dog originating in France, included in Group 9 of the FCI

Originally, (between the second half and the end of the nineteenth century), it was selected and bred as a fighting dog against rats; then, for more than a hundred years the selection of the French bulldog, as well as on the morphological characteristics, has mainly focused on the character, and this has made it an excellent companion dog.

This dog breed sees as its original ancestor the Old English Bulldog, the original breed common to all bulldogs.

The French bulldog is the result of a careful selection in the crossing between  toy bulldogs  (some examples of small English bulldogs) and  doguins  (some examples of small dogue de Bordeaux), with small and haired terrier type dogs. smooth, in the making of a fighting dog breed.

These first specimens arrived in France in 1880; year in which the first breed club was founded in Paris. During the industrial revolution, lace makers introduced the habit of keeping a pet dog with them to improve the quality of their working life, and these bulldogs were particularly welcome.

The first registration register for the breed dates back to 1885 and the first breed standard was set in 1898, the year in which the Société Centrale Canine recognized the ‘bulldog français’ breed.


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Their popularity consolidated in a short time, so that even wealthy American families began to raise them at home. In recent years, also thanks to the fact that it is a breed very appreciated by many well-known faces of the star-system and international politics, the French bulldog has increasingly entered the homes of Western families, becoming one of the most sought after and most popular breeds. In circulation.

The French bulldog is a dog that reaches a weight between 8 kg (in very small females) and 14 kg (in very large males). The morphological characteristics that most distinguish it are the compact, solid and short-limbed structure, the brachycephalic head with short and snub face, the flattened nose and the typical “bat” ears. The legs of the French bulldog are strong and have very thick pads.

These are the allowed colors of the coat:  fawn  (of various shades, with or without white spots or patches); bringée  (brindle)  (of various shades, with few streaks or many streaks, with or without spots and white patches); caille  (white with bringée pieces); caille fauve  (white with tawny patches).

The French bulldog is an extremely reliable dog, intelligent and alert, stubborn and not prone to physical exertion.

From a character point of view, he is a dog morbidly tied to his master of whom he is very jealous and which he defends with strength and tenacity, demonstrating an aptitude for guarding and personal defense.

Although some argue that at first sight its appearance may be intimidating, in reality the French bulldog has a peaceful disposition, especially towards its owner.

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However, even with strangers, not being an impulsive dog, it does not tend to attack them; even if he knows perfectly well who to be wary of and, if necessary, thanks to his strength and his powerful bite, he knows how to assert himself.

Particularly patient and attentive with children, in adulthood, he loves being caressed and pampered without showing himself nervous or annoyed.

The French bulldog is also a dog that, if treated with constancy, consistency and firmness (but never with violence, which it absolutely does not tolerate), can be easily educated.

He is usually very intelligent  and it is easy for him to learn new things.

They don’t bark a lot , they only do it when they have something to tell you and that also includes a stranger in the territory.

They have a great temperament and perform well. 
They are excellent companion dogs, very affectionate, they love to play.

Despite being naturally calm and not very active, like many molossoids, during the game he can turn into a very energetic and vehement dog, showing all the potential of his strong and muscular structure. Care must be taken that this tendency to “interpret everything as a game” does not interfere with education and training.

Due to their small size they do not need huge spaces or gardens to get moving.

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The French bulldog can suffer from the “brachycephalic syndrome” that is the set of alterations in the normal passage of air through the airways, up to their complete obstruction, due to malformations related to genetic selection aimed at reducing the cranial length; it can be correlated with findings such as exercise intolerance, tendency to regurgitation, sleep apnea, respiratory noises and recurrent ear infections.

The coat of the French bulldog is delicate because it has no undercoat, therefore in case of dermatitis or other skin problems it may sometimes present alopecic areas of easy onset but quick healing.

Given the minimum length of the hair, during the winter period, it is advisable to keep it indoors possibly close to heat sources such as fireplaces and stoves while outside it is better not to expose it to too rigid temperatures without the necessary cover.

In the summer, however, it is preferable to keep it in a dry place, away from extreme heat and heat.

The consequences of exposure to unsuitable temperatures can be decreased appetite, increased body temperature and difficulty breathing.

In the event of childbirth, as there are frequent cases of dystocia (the puppy lies down transversely to the birth canal blocking it), a caesarean section is preferred to avoid the death of the puppies due to complications.

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The French bulldog also suffers from flatulence, which is an excess of air in the intestine.

If this occurs frequently it can be caused by an unbalanced diet, stress, too much speed in swallowing food, little physical activity.

In this case it is necessary to contact the veterinarian to ascertain the symptoms and find the right treatment.

Feeding the puppy

With puppies it is necessary to pay attention to the correct energy intake of food, in order to prevent them from reaching a weight greater than that expected, with a possible consequent instability at the skeletal level.

In fact, the risk is that of a misalignment of the limbs in a body that is already very compact.

That is why, to start your dog’s healthy life in the best possible way, you should pay attention that the puppy foods you give him have a proportion based on his needs and balanced in terms of energy, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

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The recommended feeding doses for puppies are based on his current and expected weight as an adult dog.

Same-sex parent’s weight can also be used as a guideline.

Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the correct amount of food always depends on the puppy’s activity level.

Our suggestion is to use
Supreme Puppy dry food

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Or the feed from the Mister line

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