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Feeding the puppies

Dogs like us are mammals and as such, mother’s milk is the best food ever.
In its first month of life it is irreplaceable because it is complete and rich in proteins and fats.
Milk is easily digestible and each of its components is completely absorbed by the puppy’s body.
Antimicrobial and full of protective antibodies, it prevents and treats diseases and keeps allergies away.

Warning: Weaning does not mean estrangement from the mother, but the passage from the exclusively milky diet to the mixed one

The start of weaning of the puppy depends on the breed and size, usually between the third and fourth week of life.
Great attention must be paid to this delicate phase, where the transition from mother’s milk to solid food must be done gradually and without constraints in this period of time the transition from a liquid-only to a mixed diet begins.

, Feeding dog puppies, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Not all puppies like solid food right away, you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience and love and encourage them to eat.
A nice way (and that will help you strengthen the bond of friendship) to make your new friend discover the existence of kibble as an alternative food to the mother’s breast is the game.
Give him some croquettes as a reward after playing with him (be careful not to overdo the prizes) and you will see that he will slowly approach the pan of food with another attitude.

Weaning ends after about six / eight weeks and as previously mentioned, this must not happen abruptly to avoid problems for both the mother and the puppy.
Until your dog has reached the size and weight of an adult, he will have specific dietary needs different from those he will have when he is older.
Every day he must receive the right amount of proteins, calories, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but in a balanced way and different from that which is normally given to an adult or elderly dog.
As for us humans, even for dogs the metabolism is different according to age.

A food like our Supreme Puppy with 32% of noble proteins, 22% of fats and fibers, minerals and vitamins, is the ideal food to accompany your puppy in this delicate and crucial phase of his life.

, Feeding dog puppies, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food
Suprem Puppy dry food for puppies

Never forget that your dog always needs to drink lots of water to “live” healthily.
Immediately show him where in the house he can always find fresh water to drink and when you go out, for a walk in the park or for a trip, remember to always bring water with you.

Remember that these are suggestions on how to feed your puppy, to get all the information on the quantities and how to administer the food necessary for your dog’s good health, always refer to your veterinarian, who knows him and knows what he needs. .

By the staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl