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Who would have thought, dogs and cats can help us against allergies!

This is what emerges from a study carried out by Professor Bill Hesselmar of the Swedish University of Goeteborg.

Studies like this had already been carried out in the past, but no one had ever analyzed how the outcome could change if the animals you live with are more than one.

From the research that was published on the pages of the magazine “Plos One” it is surprising, as it is shown that with the increase in the number of dogs and / or cats with which the child even under the age of one year interacts at home , the percentage number of those suffering from asthma, allergic rhinitis and dermatitis in childhood decreases.

– the incidence of allergies in children who have spent their first twelve months of life without ever interacting with a pet is between 48% and 49%, depending on the study considered;

– the presence of only one animal reduces the incidence to 35-43%;

– two or three animals produce a halving, compared to the starting figures, those close to fifty percent: 21-24%;

– the very few children who grew up with five or more pets did not develop any type of allergy.


In summary Professor Hesselmar with his research shows us that frequent and close contact between child and animal allows the strengthening of his immune system, an effect that would be practically nil if instead the contact was only sporadic, for example when the dog or the cat live in the garden and only exceptionally the child should come into contact with it.

It is therefore the assiduous “attendance” between child and pet that stimulates the immune system, helping it to strengthen.

All the more reason (so says the researcher) if the animals you live with are more than one, because the spectrum of microbes brought “as a dowry” will be wider.

In short, a few more germs can only help us (when our immune system works well) to grow healthy and a four-legged friend who runs around the house, in addition to bringing good mood and sympathy, helps us to strengthen our body.

And if children have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors playing with their two and four-legged friends without their parents worrying too much about sweating or getting too dirty, this will allow them to get the chance to live. a better future.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl