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“Work ennobles man”, this is a motto we all know, but what happens when the one who works is a dog?

We know that there are various types of jobs that see our furry friends as absolute protagonists. For example, we have already spoken in a previous article of pet therapy, widely used in hospitals, retirement homes, centers for the disabled. We explained how our friends are able to connect with fragile people, such as children with autism, the elderly in difficulty, or the sick in general. Here the breeds that we find most often are Labradors and Golden Retrievers, but this does not mean that other specimens are not present as well.


An absolutely historical area in which the dog has joined man is that of pastoralism and breeding. The shepherd dog belongs to the collective imagination of all of us, it is often impressive to see the attention and ability of these dogs to guide cows, sheep or goats, always being alert and watching over them. The mountain dog or the border collie are among the most common breeds engaged in this task.

Then there are the rescue dogs. In all dramatic situations, such as earthquakes or avalanches in the mountains, the rescue men are accompanied by dogs trained to search and find people who have remained under the rubble of destroyed houses, or under the snow. Saint Bernard rescues are historic, while Newfoundlands and Labradors are very suitable for water rescue.

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For decades, the police have had canine sections to collaborate in the capture of a criminal or for the search for drugs , dogs are also used by the forensic police to search for clues during investigations, here we find the breeds that have a very developed sense of smell such as the beagles and foxhounds.

Another breed widely used in the police is that of the Dobermans, appreciated for its balanced character, strong musculature and strength. These dogs are highly respected, well looked after by their human partner, and when they are older they also enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

We cannot forget the hunting dogs . Since ancient times, man has trained his furry friend, taking advantage of the dog’s ancestral predatory instinct, in the search for game. Even today the most famous are pointers, setters and hounds.

Finally, for these friends of ours we must also provide for a diet with a higher energy value, given their greater expenditure of energy. We talked about it here: /

Our dogs have always shown themselves willing to be trained and to help men in their work, living this commitment often as a game, happy with the approval of the human companion and his satisfaction. People who share a job with a dog must allow him to express himself at his best, giving him the right motivation and not sparing attention and gratification.

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