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“You are like cat and dog”, how many times have our mothers addressed us in this way when we were fighting at home between brothers or sisters.

But is it really true that cats and dogs cannot live together?

So many stories deny it. I met a lady who had found a newborn kitten with her dog and she adopted him without posing any problem. At one point the lady was seized by a Hamletic doubt, but Michy (as the kitten was called) did she know she was a cat or was she persuaded that she was a dog?

He never understood it. But that she was happy with Ketty (the dog) he could swear it.

, Dog and cat: is cohabitation possible?, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

Beyond personal experiences, what do the experts tell us?

In the event that the dog and cat are puppies, coexistence will certainly be easier and more interesting for both. In the little ones the sense of territoriality has not yet developed, they are more curious and in most cases they do not fear the stranger as it happens in the adult phase.

Patience and caution are two fundamental elements to avoid making mistakes that can jeopardize the success of the whole operation. Both the dog and the cat must have their time to metabolize the presence of the other, to understand that it will not endanger the comfort achieved and that instead it could become a good playmate.

In general, there are some precautions to keep in mind; each animal must keep its own “equipment”: the bowl, the kennel and the games must not be shared, moreover everyone must be able to keep a “free” area where they can be out of the reach of unsolicited attention.

The phase of the first meeting and also the subsequent steps must be followed by you with extreme attention, keeping the two four-legged friends well away at the beginning, always making sure that the situation is under control and does not degenerate “into a fight”.

It is a crucial moment where your “educational” presence will be fundamental, but certainly effective, because as the days pass, you will see that the two, after studying and smelling each other well, will get used to the presence of the other, and you will be able to enjoy the results of your “work”.

, Dog and cat: is cohabitation possible?, Nuova Fattoria Pet Food

For example, start proposing games to both of you and you will see that they will get involved with enthusiasm. Be careful to always be careful to compliment them and reward them with tasty morsels, this will reassure the climate. Also try not to overdo it in pampering one in the presence of the other, jealousy is a very powerful feeling even in our little friends.

Finally, remember that their tastes in terms of food are different. Cat food is bad for the dog, while the cat is indifferent to dog food, if he eats it he often does it out of spite. We do not look for loopholes and verify that we have the necessary provisions for both of us.

In conclusion, we absolutely agree with the ditty of a Zecchino D’oro from a few years ago “dog cat, who said you can’t”.