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The cat is one of those animals that takes care of its own cleaning and, unlike the dog who loves to be washed and literally immersed in water, does not appreciate being “soaked”.

Our domestic feline spends several hours of his day licking himself, this is needed to keep his fur clean and thanks to the “rasposa” tongue to eliminate all dead hair, guaranteeing him a healthy skin and a coat that is always shiny and soft.

However, there are particular circumstances that sometimes require our intervention and the use of a basin and a good shampoo for cats, which you can find at specialized stores or better to ask your trusted veterinarian, who knows the characteristics and needs of your feline friend.

Let’s see together what they can be:

  • When the cat is back from surgery and wears the Elizabethan collar that does not allow him to lick himself and therefore to provide for his own grooming.
  • When our pet’s fur has been contaminated with harmful substances. For example, when playing a dish detergent or a toxic substance in the kitchen or bathroom has been spilled on him and therefore the action of licking himself could prove harmful to his health.
  • When after a ride out of the house it comes back very dirty.
  • When he is elderly and has stopped licking himself or is unable.
  • When it has a very long hair and the sole action of licking itself is not sufficient to guarantee the cleanliness of the skin.

So, if we have a clean, healthy cat that loves to lick itself, it is best to avoid washing it.
In fact, in most cases he thinks about it alone and we don’t need to do it ourselves and considering that the operation of immersing him in water is very traumatic for him and also for us given how sharp his teeth and claws are. , let them clean themselves.

Cats also love to lick each other, it’s a relaxing way they use to socialize, sometimes they even do it with their human friend, let them do it because this will strengthen the bond they have with us and with their peers.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl