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The Jack Russell

The Jack Russell  was born in the 19th century in Devon (England). This breed is the result of several crosses with the aim of creating a smart and reliable hunting dog that…
19 April 2022
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World health day

World Health Day was established in 1950 by the World Health Organization as a reminder that WHO was founded on April 7, 1948. The focus of this year's day is…
7 April 2022

Ukraine emergency

he war in Ukraine is disrupting the lives of many people and their furry friends are also in danger. For this Nuova Fattoria has decided to listen to the many…
7 March 2022
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The Schnauzer

There are 3 breeds of  Schnauzer  and these differ only in size, then for the rest they are practically identical: The   small Schnauzer, an excellent  companion dog , suitable both for an apartment and for…
21 February 2022

The sleep of cat and dog

In this article we want to talk about the sleep of our four-legged friends , in fact, just like we have to sleep a few hours a day, our animals also need…
14 February 2022
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The Bassethound

The origins The membership of this dog breed is disputed by multiple countries. Its origins are undoubtedly to be found in  Europe, between France and England . Originally the bassethound was a  hunting dog ,…
9 February 2022