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Every year young and old alike look forward to the Christmas holidays, finally a more or less long break, but which marks a time dedicated to family and loved ones. Even fido and cat are participants in this euphoria, perhaps even a little worried about these new objects they find around the house and the general confusion.

Unfortunately, however, it is not all pink and flowers, as the saying goes, but there are some latent dangers to which humans and pets must be careful.

Let’s start with the preparation of the decorations: balls and various decorations , threads and lights are also attractive for our animals and become dangerous games. If our furry friend ingests them, he can run into intestinal obstructions or gastritis from  a foreign body , with vomiting and diarrhea. Also pay attention to the electric wires that if bitten can cause electrocution.  

Often the family decides to build the nativity scene by themselves and various elements are used, such as glue which, if left unattended, can be licked and cause esophagitis and vomiting. In this case, we advise you to rinse the animal’s mouth with water and contact the veterinarian who will evaluate the most suitable therapy.

If instead trusty ingests an object it is advisable to open the mouth immediately and remove. If the foreign body has already been swallowed, contact your vet immediately and do not try anything on your own to avoid worsening the situation.

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Even the floral part of the decorations can contain pitfalls for fido and cat. Holly , with its beautiful red berries, for example, if ingested by the dog can cause hypersalivation, fatigue, gastro-enteric symptoms due to the presence of various toxic substances. Not to mention the common ” Christmas Star “, so widespread in our homes, which contains a milky white sap that can cause many problems such as eye irritation, vomiting, diarrhea and vesicular dermatitis.

The last chapter concerns the feeding part . Endless lunches and dinners begin, hours and hours at the table, passing from one delicacy to another. Well, don’t involve your furry friends. An example for all: chocolate . If you think about rewarding your furry friend with a chocolate, you are actually poisoning him, in fact the  theobromine  present in this food can cause convulsions and death. We also avoid letting our friends taste the wine or sparkling wine with which we toast between friends and relatives, cat and dog do not have the proper enzymes for the digestion of alcohol , we also leave tea and coffee alone, which cause gastrointestinal disturbances and changes in heart rhythm.

In conclusion, if we want to spend the holidays in serenity and joy, we pay attention to our behavior and those of our furry friends, we will avoid pain and trouble for both of us.