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Buying good dog food, with nutritional characteristics suitable for satisfying their food needs is not enough to guarantee the good health of the animal if some simple but not always respected rules are observed.

The feed produced by Nuova Fattoria is contained in bags specially designed to maintain its organoleptic qualities, the right humidity and all the characteristics of a Superpremium quality food unaltered .

To keep all these characteristics intact longer, once the bag is opened, it must be carefully closed so as not to leave the kibble exposed to the air for too long.
In fact, as with any other food, if not perfectly preserved, due to the bacteria that can attack it, it undergoes a sudden deterioration.

Failure to respect this simple rule endangers the health of the dog or cat

Then after use, close the bag by rolling up the upper end and using clothespins or better still storing it in special containers, away from heat sources and in a cool and dry place.

On the bag of your pet’s favorite feed, in addition to the expiry date of the product, which for food safety must not be exceeded, you will find the table with the recommended daily ration for your dog, which it is always advisable not to exceed.

However, we suggest that you always ask the vet what the amount of food is adequate for your pet’s needs.

If by chance the dog or cat does not eat all the ration of food that you have put in its bowl, it is advisable not to leave the residual quantity in the pan for too long, saying that “when it is hungry it goes to eat it” , because also In this case, external factors could intervene that will modify the quality of the food and affect the health of your animal.

If after about three hours the animal has not eaten all of its food, you must throw it away.

Another risk to the health of your four-legged friend can derive from incorrect hygiene and cleaning of the bowl of his food, even if it should seem clean, because Fido or Mimì have eaten everything, food residues always remain in the pan and therefore they can decompose with obvious repercussions on your pet’s well-being.

As mentioned above, dry food for dogs and cats also has an expiration date, so don’t buy food in large quantities if you only have a small dog or cat.

For this reason Nuova Fattoria Srl produces bags of various weights ranging from 2.5 kg. to 15 kg. and beyond .

Absolutely avoid giving adult food to your puppy and vice versa.

Each feed of the lines produced by Nuova Fattoria Srl has quantities of vitamins and proteins suitable for the type of animal for which they have been formulated.

The name of the product will help you in your choice and direct you to the most suitable food for the age of the dog or cat.

Puppy – for puppies
Adult – for adult dogs
Light – for older or overweight dogs
Plus – for feeding highly physically active dogs
Cat – for cats of all ages

Remember to always keep a bowl full of fresh and clean water available to your pet and never forget that the vet is the person you should turn to whenever your pet has problems or just to get advice on how to make it grow. healthy.

We at Nuova Fattoria have always been at your side for their well-being.

The staff of Nuova Fattoria Srl