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Family business

The company was founded in Ghedi (BS) in 1991 from the idea of Franco Almici who immediately wanted to produce dry food for dogs and cats capable of respecting their natural dietary needs. The love for his territory and for dogs led him to search for the first recipes for the creation of balanced foods for pets, suppliers who first of all shared the same values and who respected the strict quality parameters that immediately wanted. Since the beginning, Nuova Fattoria has used innovative technologies capable of maintaining the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the individual raw materials used unchanged in the production process.

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The production process

The revolutionary choice fell on the use of the production process through Selective Extrusion where the individual components of the recipes for dogs or cats are processed individually and differently depending on the type. Currently the company headquarters is spread over an area of 13,000 square meters. of which 2,000 for production. Almost thirty years of entrepreneurial history, where the Almici family has always been able to reconcile the experience gained over time with the new and increasingly demanding market demands, but always starting from the real nutritional needs of dogs and cats and passing from needs of their owners, in order to obtain a product with the ideal characteristics to satisfy both.

High quality croquettes

Nuova Fattoria uses only high quality raw materials that are subjected to constant quality and health checks.