Stone & Mister

Stone and Mister are the Premium lines of dry food for dogs and cats produced by Nuova Fattoria

Known and appreciated by all our customers for their nutritional qualities, the croquettes are characterized by being complete and balanced. They are made with meat meal, processed with the selective extrusion technique and cold mixed with the other ingredients, to obtain a finished product capable of satisfying all needs from puppy to elderly animal. They are made with pork meal, suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and ages.


Stone Crick Plus

Dry food for adult dogs
These croquettes are characterized by their high energy content, excellent palatability and complete digestibility.

Stone Crick

Dry food for adult dogs of all breeds
Fully balanced mono-protein food suitable for the diet of adult dogs that perform normal physical activity.

Mister Old Light

Dry food for elderly, spayed and overweight dogs
Complete and balanced food suitable for adult dogs that have low physical activity, or that are spayed, elderly, recovering or overweight.

Mister Puppy

Dry food for puppies from 6 weeks to 12 months and for gestating and lactating females
Complete and balanced food able to adequately meet the nutritional needs of puppies and pregnant women. It stands out for its high nutritional values and for the high ease of assimilation.

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